Alejandra Gutty & David Palo 


Alejandra Gutty• Profile

     Alejandra Gutty has lived many years in Argentina and Europe, where she participates in independent projects and events related to the interaction of multiple cultures and art forms.

     She has danced and choreographed in many productions for theatre, television, video and advertising. Some of the most prominent being Forever Tangoon Broadway and throughout the world, El Cafe de los Maestrosby Gustavo Santaolalla, principal role in Diálogos de poeta y bandoneóna documentary about Raul Garello and Horacio Ferrer, video clip for Leningrad- legendary Russian rock band- , advertising campaign of Samsung in Korea, amongst many others.

    Her exquisite personal style is identied by her intense emotional content and rened aesthetics: Her figure is monumental, with wonderful curves on her legs that outshine Cyd Charisse in her MGM days…” Talking Broadway, San Francisco.

    In 2014, Alejandra made her cinema debut as one of the leading characters in the lm Our Last Tango, about Maria Nieves Rego and Juan Carlos Copes. Directed by German Kral and Wim Wenders as executive producer, the lm will be released in worldwide cinemas during 2016.

    As a tango instructor and coach, Alejandra is developing her own personal approach to convey her vision and experience of the art of tango dancing.

    “From the inside to the outside” has been the name of the seminars she had been dictating now for many years all around the world. Starting from the “inner dynamics”, she focuses on encouraging and guiding the development of individuality, improving the coordination and communication between partners. She shares her insights from the authentic milongas of Buenos Aires, but also includes knowledge of other techniques of movement and artistic expression, which allows to evolve a dance that is adaptable to diverse performance possibilities.

     What’s more, Alejandra Gutty is regularly invited to be a juror for different Championships in Argentina and other countries, and of course, the World Championship of Tango in Buenos Aires


    DAVID PALO developed himself as a dancer, choreographer and teacher of Argentine Tango in various shows and festivals in Buenos Aires and around the world.  

    He choreographed the shows “agar el ato-Tango para 2” (2003), “El dúo Sosa Echagüe” by R. Halak in El Teatro de la Fábula (2004) and was invited to participate in “Inspiration Tango” by Laura Roatta as choreographer and principal dancer.  

    He has been invited as professor and dancer to the most prestigious dance festivals in the world as the “New Zealand Arts Festival”, “White Nights Tango Festival” in St. Petersburg, “Noches de Buenos Aires” at Parco della Musica (Auditorium of Rome), “World Tango Festival” in Hong Kong, Copenhagen, London, Rio de Janeiro, Geneva; he also gave workshops in Venice, Sao Paulo, Berlin, Seoul, Moscow, Pescara and others.

    David is the creator of a teaching system called S.E.C (consecutive teaching system). The main objective is to establish this new way of learning to dance tango in the worldwide market. SECs purpose is to develop a teaching and learning method which has continuity, coherence and correlation.

Alejandra Gutty & David Palo 


Alejandra Gutty 介绍

    Alejandra Gutty在阿根廷和欧洲居住多年,并参与了许多与多文化及艺术形式间互动相关的独立项目和活动。

    她已在许多剧院作品、电视作品、视频和广告中展示自己的舞蹈并且编舞。其中最杰出的有 享誉百老汇乃至全世界的“Forever Tango”, Gustavo Santaolalla的“El Café de los Maestros”,一部关于Raul GarelloHoracio Ferrer的纪录片“Diálogos de poeta y bandoneón”(饰演主角),俄国传奇摇滚乐队Leningrad的录影带片段,及Samsung在韩国的广告宣传等。

    她的强烈情感和精妙美感标志着她高雅精致的个人风格。百老汇如此评价:“她的形象是不朽的。在米高梅时,她美妙的腿部线条甚至使Cyd Charisse都黯然失色。”

    2014年,Alejandra领衔主演“Our Last Tango”实现其电影首秀。这部电影讲述了Maria Nieves Rego 与Juan Carlos Copes的故事,由German Kral执导Wim Wenders监制,将于2016年全球上映。



    此外,Alejandra Gutty也经常应邀担当各种在阿根廷或其他国家举办的探戈比赛的评委,这其中当然有“布宜诺斯艾利斯探戈世界杯”。



    DAVID PALO是一名舞者、编舞和教师,并参加了布市和全球各地不同的探戈表演和探戈节。

    他编舞的表演有“agar el ato-Tango para 2”(2003)、“El dúo Sosa Echagüe” (2004),并受邀以编舞及舞者身份参与Laura Roatta的“Inspiration Tango”。

    他还以客座教授及舞者的身份应邀出席了一些世界上极负盛名的舞蹈节,例如“纽西兰艺术节”、圣彼得堡的“白夜探戈节”,在Parco della Musica(罗马大礼堂)举办的“布宜诺斯艾利斯之夜”, 香港、哥本哈根、伦敦等地举办的“世界探戈节”,并在威尼斯、圣保罗、柏林等城市开设研习班。


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