Juan Carlos & Sae


Juan Carlos & Sae, 2007 Asian Salon Tango Champions and World Salon Tango finalist in 2007 and 2010, are professional dancers and the organizer of “Labios de Tango” Milonga in Tokyo. Juan Carlos, from Buenos Aires City, came to Tokyo in 1999. Sae was an actress, with appearances in dramas, films and commercials. In 2011, they founded the Traditional Argentine Tango Dance School & Studio Muse in Tokyo. Recently in 2013, they founded the Association of Promotion of Art & Culture, Inc. Their festival appearances include the First Tokyo International Tango Festival in 2011, First Korea-Japan Tango Encounter in 2012, Beijing International Tango Festival 2012, 2012 X Taipei Tango Festival, Hong Kong Tango Festival 2012 and 2013 Korea Tango Festival Primavera 4.


Leon & isabel


Leon and Isabel are milongueros based in Seoul, Korea.

Leon, a former manager in 2010 of the group “Adiccion” which is one of the biggest tango community in Korea, and Isabel who visited Buenos Aires for one year in 2009 in search for the essence of Tango de Salón and its culture, have been partners since 2011.

They had organized milonga“Ensueño” in Seoul.

They also have been inviting the world known tango masters to come to Seoul for workshops and performances such as Dante Sanches & Ines Muzzopappa, Facundo de la Cruz & Paola Sanz and Carlitos Espinoza & Noelia Hurtado(this September).

They performed at the mlionga of Carlitos & Rosa Perez Seoul workshop, Seoul Tango Week and milonga Caricias in Buenos Aires.


Gennysan Alcartara & Lily Tan


“Gen & Lily”, founders of Tango Eclipse has been dancing for more than 18 years of combined dance experience in Ballroom, Latin and been doing Tango for the last 5 years together. They are the icons to the Tango scenes in Singapore and actively involved in dance performance, choreography, coaching, festivals and promoting the Argentine Tango dance, arts and culture in the Asia region.

The couple who has met through dancing is well-known in the industry for their beautiful, elegant and distinctively intricate dance – most unforgettably, their flawlessly spellbinding legworks!

Their passion has taken them round the world attending festivals and events to gather professional dance and coaching, and very much allowed them the opportunity to learn and interact with the highly respected maestros all over the world. They spent some months in Buenos Aires for their training and also participated in Mundial Championship 2011 representing Singapore. They have also performed in several Tango Festivals in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Malaysia, Philippines, Jakarta and Singapore.

While they both specialize in Argentine Tango, they had received formal training from everything they need to learn about Tango.

They strongly believe in the quality of dance and by understanding the Tango dance is imperative to giving “life” to the dance itself. Tango is where Gen & Lily discovered love, spiritual connection and partnership in Dance… and in Life!

Akiyoshi & Noriko Tanada


Akiyoshi & Noriko Tanada are one of the most famous tango dance couple in Japan.Their tango style is dramatic and graceful, filling poetic sentiment of tango.They began to dance tango from 1990, and found the Tango Project Japan in 1999. They organize annual tango worshop”Tango Week in Tokio” inviting famous tango maestros from 2000.They have organized tango show “Street Tango” with Ryota Komatsu(Bn). They are skilled tango teachers who teach not only in japan but also in foregin coutries and excellent tango dancer who invited for tango show.They are the champion of 3rd Tango Dance World Championship in Asia stage category. Akiyoshi is a chairman of NAPTA(Nihon Asociacion Profesional de bailarines de Tango Argentino).They are organizer of tokyo international tango festival.


Raymond Chu & Lily Cheng


2011 Asian Tango Champion (Salon Tango category) Raymond Chu and Lily Cheng are the only Chinese dancers to have won this title.  They ranked top 4 in the semi-final ofTango World Championship 2011 in Buenos Aires.

Raymond and Lily have started dancing Argentine tango since 2003 and faithfully follow its inheritance.  Every of their dance is filled with the essence of salon tango and elegant movements, an inspirational reference for the new generations of dancers.  Their teachers are well-respected tango masters in Buenos Aires, including Laila Rezk and Leandro Oliver, Daniel Nacucchio and Cristina Sosa, Gabriel Misse and Natalia Hills, Christian Marquez and Virginia Gomez, Javier Rodriguez and Virginia Pandolfi, Francisco Forquera and Carolina Bonadventura and Pablo Giorginni and Noelia Coletti.

Raymond and Lily actively promote argentine tango to a wider audience.  Over the years, Lily and Raymond have provided exceptional instructions to hundreds of argentine tango students and international tangueros, traveling around the world to teach workshops and perform in Seoul, Taipei, Sydney, Tokyo, Shanghai, Bali, Singapore, Beijing andBrunei. They have also been invited to perform in some of the prestigious milongas, such as Salon Canning and La Baldose in the mecca of tango, Buenos Aires.

Nurdi y Butz

Nurdi Diah discovered Argentine Tango way back in 2003 during her vacation in Paris. Her passion in the dance brought her back to Paris where she continued her learning with Carmen Aguiar.  Carmen Aguiar is a native from Uruguay who lives in Paris.
In 2005,  Nurdi decided to relocate to Singapore.  Since then, she has been improving her tango with Argentinian teachers visiting Asia.
Nurdi is currently dancing with Butz Puerto Mallari. They have been dance partners since 2009.  Both have performed at Tango Festivals in Kuala Lumpur, Manila and Bangkok and at special events in Jakarta and Bali.
Butz Puerto Mallari owns a dancing Studio El Cabeceo in Manila, Quezon City.

Nico Zhang& Xiao Pa  


Nico, co-founder of Vida Mia Tango Club Beijing, got in touch with tango in 2008. For him tango is not merely a dance but a culture, a lifestyle and a religion. The tango he prefers is the elegant style danced in Villa Urquiza of Buenos Aires. Nico is a strong advocate for the most basic elements in tango. His dance is characterized by simple elegance. Beside his outstanding ability to observe and to instruct, he is also one of Beijing most sought-after tango DJs. Nico has learned to tango from some of the well-known argentine tango masters, among the most influential ones are Andres Laza Moreno e Isabel Acuña, Pablo Giorgini y Noelia Coletti, Ernesto Borgonovo y Rika Fukuda, Leonel Mendieta y Analia Centurión as well as Daniel Nacucchio y Cristina Sosa.

Xiaopa has been dancing tango since October 2008. Her mentors include Pablo Giorgini y Noelia Coletti, Ernesto Borgonovo y Rika Fukuda,Leonel Mendieta y Analia Centurión, Daniel Nacucchio y Cristina Sosa, Andres Laza Moreno e Isabel, Acuña and Alejandro Hermida y Paula Ballesteros.


TT & Amy


2013 Chinese Tango Champion (Salon Tango category)Esteban “TT” and Amy are a couple of influential professional dancers from Beijing. Since forming their partnership in 2008 they have been invited to perform and teach at 6 different cities in China. For the past few years they have devoted their total efforts in the promotion of Argentinian tango dance and culture. They are popular for their elegant, classical, and passionate dance style, and they have been invited to perform at Asian tango festivals. In 2012 they formed their own tango club “Alma del Tango” in Beijing,  2011 was the first time that they visited Shanghai Tango Festival, and they look forward to coming to Shanghai again and share their passion with tango lovers. 

Cem Erkir & Tracy Deng

 Cem Erkir & Tracy Deng




Rongrong have started dancing since 2009 and learned from of the tango masters and TangoBang. Perform in 1st & 2nd Shanghai Tango Festival. Dancing give to her freedom and enjoy the music and dance in the body of domesticated.




DJ Lung-Kuei Lin


While quietly going this business,Lung-Kuei has attracted both envy and affection throughout the tango community.

The men want do dance like him, and th women like to dance with him. His immersion in the tango world has been a happy success.

An integral part of the U.S. tango scene, he runs off to the best festivals across the country with tremendous zeal.

As result, he’s one of the more sought-after leaders in the country, and has also developed a keen sensitivity toward what makes a milongas to well.

Although his dancing is already very clean and quite musical, he’s constantly working to make it more musical, more precise, and more lovely for his partner.

His most influential teachers hae been Rebecca Shulman, Robin Thomas, Evan Griffiths. Diego Di Falco, Silvina Valz, and Horacio Godoy.

Lung-Kuei started started studying tango in 2005 and began deejaying in 2007. Gradually he built a solid reputation as a deejay and now he’s invited to spin tunes at the most popular and best milongas and practicas in town. Tango festivals fly him in to deejay.

His choices are not strange: he just plays one good song after another, places in sequence with sensitivity.

Lung-Kuei has zero attitude about what he does well, and always keeps asense of humor about thing, while remaining and the music of tango.


DJ Jason Jiang


An accomplished dancer and deejay based in Toronto, Canada, he has learned his dance from world-renown maestros, Carlos & Rosa Perez, Jorge Dispari & Maria del Carmen, Javier Rodriguez & Andrea Misse, Natacha Poberaj, Fabian Peralta & Virginia, Nito & Elba and Valeria Solomonoff, among others.

As a DJ, he is passionate about tangos from late 20’s to mid 50’s, offering a wide range of music from his vast collection, some of them hard-to-find gems, to generate the most rewarding and inspiring dancing experience for milonga-goers. His selection of music is characterized by dynamic and sensation of dancers, dictated by the energy flow on the dancing floor. He deejays and compiles playlist “on-the-fly” at the milonga, using only the best fidelity and professional sounding quality tracks of recordings. He has been guest deejaying at Tango Congreso Toronto, Toronto Tango Festival, 2011 Taipei Tango Festival and at local milongas in Canada, New York, Shanghai and Beijing.

DJ Richard Lai

Richard DJ Photo B

Richard is a traditional tango DJ in Hong Kong, playing tango music from the tango Golden Era.

Being an active dancer himself, who understands what dancers want and able to read the dance floor, he plays music with a good balance of rhythmic and melodic songs, and between lyricals and instrumentals, and gives his dancers exquisite dance experience time after time.

He started tango in 2003 and began DJing in 2007.  Since then, with his vast knowledge and careful selections in tango music, he plays music at various practicas and milongas, and played over hundreds of gigs in Hong Kong and China.

Recent tango festival DJ experience:-

•2011 Taipei Tango Festival

•2011 Shanghai International Tango Festival

•2012 Beijing Tango Marathon del Hutong

•2012 Shanghai International Tango Festival

•2013 1st Hong Kong Tango Salon Championship – Examiner DJ






Akiyoshi & Noriko Tanada


Akiyoshi & Noriko Tanada 在日本是非常有名的一對探戈舞者。他們的表演風格給人帶來優雅、詩意並附有戲劇性的感受。

他們從1990年開始跳探戈並從1999年在日本開展阿根廷探戈事業。自2000年開始他們每年邀請著名探戈大師在東京舉辦大師營課,並與Ryota Komatsu一起舉辦“探戈街”表演秀。他們不僅在東京是優秀的阿根廷探戈老師而且經常受邀請到多國表演。

他們曾是第三屆亞洲舞台探戈世界錦標賽冠軍。 Akiyoshi是東京國際探戈節組織者及日本專業探戈舞者協會會長。


Raymond Chu & Lily Cheng



他們自2003年起接觸探戈,曾於布宜諾斯艾利斯跟隨多位探戈大師學習,包括Laila Rezk 及Leandro Oliver, Daniel Nacucchio 及 Cristina Sosa, Gabriel Misse 及Natalia Hills, Christian Marquez 及 Virginia Gomez, Javier Rodriguez 及 Virginia Pandolfi, Francisco Forquera 及Carolina Bonadventura 和 Pablo Giorginni 及 Noelia Coletti等。他們緊隨沙龍探戈的傳統,舞姿優雅流暢,獨具風格,是新一代舞者的參考典範。

Raymond及Lily同樣重視探戈的傳承,於2006年成立OtroTango,在香港及各地教授了不少學生,並曾獲邀到首爾、台北、悉尼、東京、上海、峇里、新加坡、北京及汶萊等地表演及客席授課。他們曾多次在布宜諾斯艾利斯舉世知名的探戈舞會,例如Salon Canning 及La Baldosa中表演。

 TT & Amy

2013年中国探戈锦标赛冠军Esteban“TT”和Amy 是北京极具影响力的专业探戈舞者,自2008年开始搭档起,他们表演和授课的足迹遍布中国6个不同的城市。在过去几年里他们始终致力于推广阿根廷探戈舞及其文化,并以其优雅、古典和充满激情的风格受到欢迎,被邀请到亚洲的大型探戈活动中进行表演。2012年底,他们在北京创立了“Alma del Tango”俱乐部。暨2011年在首届上海探戈节中参与表演之后,他们再次来到上海与朋友们共同分享阿根廷探戈的美好。

Nico Zhang& Xiao Pa  



Vida Mia俱乐部的创始人之一。2008年接触探戈,对他来说探戈并不仅仅是一种舞蹈。而是一种文化,是生活,也可以说是一种信仰。他追求的探戈是阿根廷布宜诺斯艾利斯最优雅传统的 Villa Urquiza Salon 风格。Nico 基本功夫级别扎实,舞风潇洒,拥有优秀的观察和指导能力。他对探戈音乐的处理更是有独特的解答。因此也是北京目前最专业的DJ之一。Nico先后拜师多名阿根廷探戈大师。其中对他最有影响的包括:Andres Laza Moreno e Isabel Acuña, Pablo Giorgini & Noelia Coletti, Ernesto Borgonovo & Rika Fukuda,Leonel Mendieta & Analia Centuriòn 以及2008探戈 Salon 世界冠军 Daniel Nacucchio & Cristina Sosa 等。



从2008年10月开始学习探戈,先后和 Pablo Giorgini & Noelia Coletti, Ernesto Borgonovo & Rika Fukuda,Leonel Mendieta & Analia Centuriòn 和 Daniel Nacucchio & Cristina Sosa ,Andres Laza Moreno e Isabel Acuña,Alejandro & paula等大师学习。

TT & Amy




Cem Erkir & Tracy Deng

  Cem Erkir & Tracy Deng


Fay Liu




















DJ Jason Jiang


加拿大多倫多的探戈舞者和DJ。 2003年在紐約開始學阿根廷探戈,首先師從Paul Pellicoro(電影“聞香識女人”的探戈教練),Cecilia Saia (1996年百老匯Forever Tango中的舞者)和Ronen Khayat學基本功。 2004年拜Natacha Poberaj為師,認為Natacha才真正地啟蒙了他對阿根廷探戈的理解。從2004-2006年先後跟隨享譽世界的阿根廷大師Guillermina Quiroga,Nito & Elba Garcia,Mariela Franganillo,Valeria Solomonoff進一步學習。從2007年起開始跟隨Javier Rodriguez & Andrea Misse,Fabian Peralta & Virginia Pandolffi,Geraldine Rojas & Ezequiel Paludi 系統學習沙龍探戈,直至現在。同時每年冬天前往阿根廷繼續深造,感受學習阿根廷文化、音樂和西班牙語。從2008年後,開始跟隨阿根廷探戈殿堂級別的大師,沙龍探戈之Villa Urquiza風格的鼻祖Carlos & Rosa Perez,Jorge Dispari & Maria Del Carmen,Gabriel Misse 接收訓練。對他探戈舞風影響最為巨大的老師是:Natacha Poberaj,Javier & Andrea,Fabian & Virginia,Carlos & Rosa,Jorge & Maria. 舞風特點是強調閉式擁抱、優雅的長步和對音樂的詮釋。



DJ Richard Lai

Richard DJ Photo B



他于2003年接触探戈并于2007年开始当 DJ。凭着丰富的探戈音乐知识及严谨的播歌策略,他经常在各练习舞会及探戈舞会当 DJ为大众带来欢乐。他在短短数年间在中港两地已演出超过二佰多场探戈舞会。

近年,他曾应邀于各探戈节当 DJ:

2011 台北探戈节

2011 上海国际探戈节

2012 北京胡同探戈马拉松

2012 上海国际探戈节

2013 首届香港沙龙探戈大赛-主考DJ


 Jenny Huang

2012年Jonathan Aguero小王子告别舞会DJ。
2013年Tango Desire舞团大舞会DJ。
2013年3月Gaston Torelli andMoira Castellano 大舞会DJ。
DJ 2013年5月Fabian Peraltaand Josefina 的大舞会DJ。

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