首席老师 Principal Teachers

Vivian Yeh- 叶心薇


Vivian Yeh, founder of TangoBang, has been teaching and organising Argentina Tango class/workshop/performance since 2008. Vivian loves dancing and started Ballet at the age of 5; she has been actively exploring popular dance genres including salsa, folk, flamenco and belly dance. Vivian has a strong background in music which show in the strong musicality and dynamics in her dance. As the principal timpanist with Taipei Philharmonic Orchestra and Taiwan Wind Ensemble, she did the Europe, US and Asia tours with the companies in 2000.



Nicolas Marini 

Nicolas Marini, 现与Vivian共同经营探戈帮,15岁时在布省南部开始职业舞蹈生涯。Tangueria是对他职业十分重要的学舞之地。他从不对舞蹈设任何限制——探戈应是一切,她是生命的起始和航向,准确的说是一种生活方式。2011年,他在许多国家开始他的编舞和教学生涯,例如智利、乌拉圭、墨西哥、巴西和巴拉圭作为他的第一站。2012年和13年,他获得世锦赛拉普拉塔区沙龙组冠军。2013年至今,他更是远渡重洋,前往西班牙、英格兰、以色列等地进行教学。



Nicolas Marini, currently organizes TangoBang with Vivian, began his career as a dancer in the South of the province of Buenos Aires at the age of 15 years. It is emphasized in his career called Tangueria (milonga of districts) was considered his place of education. Do not have any restriction on genre-“the tango is everything, it is the beginning and the course of life, exactly consider it a lifestyle”. In 2011, he started his career as a choreographer and teacher in several cities in countries such as Chile, Uruguay, Mexico, El Salvador and Paraguay undertaking his first trips. In the years 2012 and 2013, he won the first place in Salón category in the Mundial del Tango in La Plata division. In 2013 till now, he is farther from his hometown to manages to cultivate more teaching in countries like Spain, England, Israel and other countries.
They met each other in Buenos Aires in February, 2016 and started dancing as a couple from July. In the very short amount of time, they have already gained trust and reputation among communities in China, Asia, and in Argentina.
Even though they came from different background in the dance training, they share the same passion and believe to Tango. “Tango is the way of life, we live the Tango”. They don’t limit themselves to one specific style, with respect to the tradition and admire to the new. They believe that the true beauty of the music and embrace will lead them to the dance.



Daniel Arroyo

Daniel Arroyo是探戈舞表演家,受过现代舞、古典芭蕾、爵士、butoh、urban dance的训练、创作与即兴表演。

他在布宜诺斯艾利斯学习探戈,并师从非常著名的大师,如:Horacio Godoy, Chicho Frumboli, Noelia Hurtado, Pablo Rodriguez, Aurora Lubiz, Betsabet Flores, Jonathan Spitel, Fernando Galera and Vilma Vega等。他是沙龙探戈舞者,也是舞台探戈舞者,并在诸多著名的布市探戈屋工作。 2014年,他开始做世界巡回,在欧洲许多国际探戈节表演和授课;2016年和2018年,他与舞伴Juan Pablo Ramirez位列布宜诺斯艾利斯世界探戈锦标赛场地组决赛席,分别取得27位和14位的好成绩。


Daniel Arroyo Is a Tango dancer performer, also well trained in contemporary dance, classical ballet, jazz, butoh, urban dances composition, improvisation.

He received his education in Buenos Aires and has studied tango with well known masters from Buenos Aires including: Horacio Godoy, Chicho Frumboli, Noelia Hurtado, Pablo Rodriguez, Aurora Lubiz, Betsabet Flores, Jonathan Spitel, Fernando Galera and Vilma Vega…. He dances both tango de salon and stage tango, and has worked in many of the great tango houses of Buenos Aires. ‘. In 2014 he started touring the world, performing and teaching at international Tango festivals in many countries in Europe. In 2016 and 2018  he registered for ‘Tango de Salon” category of the Buenos Aires Tango Championship, and made the finals beside his partner Juan Pablo Ramirez being placed in the 27th place the first year and the 14th place the second.

Daniel actually teaches around the world with different dancers, and develop his own style in tango, respecting all rules of tango milonguero, salon and escenario.




Alejandro Segovia

Alejandro Segovia,阿根廷资深舞者·探戈老师。自幼开始学习探戈,兼修芭蕾舞、现代舞、戏剧课程。20岁获得了阿根廷传统舞蹈教授的称号。 22岁开始在布宜诺斯艾利斯跟随无数探戈大师学习,曾在城市舞蹈锦标赛和世界探戈比赛取得优异成绩。擅长沙龙探戈、舞台探戈和阿根廷民族多种舞蹈教学。

除了在探戈学校定期授课外,多年一直与El viejo almacen、Actitud Tango、Complejo Tango等不同舞团合作参加探戈演出。与Jonathan Spitel 、Betsabeth Flores、Juan Pablo Ledo等知名探戈教师在国内外合作授课和演出。2018年担任阿根廷探戈PV大赛中国区评委。

Alejandro Segovia, Tango dancer and teaher from Argentine (in both areas salon and stage).

Alejandro represents the new generation of tango dancers in Argentine. As a child, he began to learn to dance FOLKLORE (receiving the title of master of Argentine folk dances at age 17). Then, tango by the hands of: Fabian peralta, Pablo villarraza, Cristina sosa y Daniel nacuchio, Jonathan, Luciana valle also experienced ballet, contemporary dance and acting.

He participated in the cities competitions dance and in the world tango championships, both in Salon and Scenerio categories, always achieving outstanding participation.

In 2013, together with Matías Sotto, they form the first couple of the same gender to participate in the city’s dance championship (Mundial de Tango), getting to be in the semi-finals in the Tango Salon and Vals categories.



老师 Teachers:

菲菲 – 刘玉萍 (Fay Fay)





In 2008, I started tango in TangoBang and I am very honoured to be part of this closed knitted family. During the past 7 years, I continued learning, taking part in workshops from many international masters, in search for a deep dialogue with argentine tango. Beside dance techniques, I have a keen interest on stage, makeup, costumes and music knowledge.

I began teaching in 2013, incorporating dance techniques and my milonga experience into my teaching. I enjoyed the shared learning experience with my students and through teaching, I experienced a deeper understanding of tango, feeding my passion and love for this dance.

The world of tango is so huge while my dance experience in too short. I would like to continue dancing, to keep improving, always embracing the music and share this with you.


Nam – 林得楠




I first tried dancing in 1999 where over the years I got to know tango music. The beauty and richness of the music attracted me to start learning tango in the spring of 2013. I enjoy music from the tango golden age and also new works from current musicians. I hope to continue discovering and learning in this journey.


Joanna – 郑贞





 Argentine tango, an elegant dance with intense yet abortive music. It is grey and passionate, bold and flirtatious, fantasy, puzzling, spirited, wild, sexy… It seems like every emotion can be found in the tango. 

In February 2012, I began to learn tango, and since then, my love for tango has only become stronger.     

During 2012-2016, I performance in various TangoBang events and visited cities such as Taipei, Hong Kong etc to participate in their classes and milonga.

 With us at TangoBang, you will get to appreciate the beauty and passion of traditional Argentina tango; harmony and grace of Waltz- tango; lively and playful Milonga-tango; modern style and elegance of Nuevo-tango;  magnificence and energy of Stage-tango. In the world of tango,you will get to meet like-minded friends, broadening your view, achieving a better you yourself! Cheers!


小M — 秘骊辰



同年6月,与Julian He搭档赢得阿根廷探戈世锦赛中国赛区沙龙组冠军后,代表中国参加在布宜诺斯艾利斯举办的探戈世锦赛,并与各分赛区冠军一同参加赛会举办的演出。


2017年6月开始和Meng Wang搭档,并再次远赴阿根廷三个月,向Francisco Forquera, Romina Levin, Juan Malizia y Manuela Rossi, Jonathan y Clarisa, Cristian y Leah, Luis y Analia, Juan Paulo y Natalie, Daiana Pujol等大师和著名舞者学习,受益匪浅。最终在2018年阿根廷探戈世锦赛亚洲赛区舞台组获得冠军,是中国选手首次获得亚洲最高级别赛事舞台组冠军。



助教 Assistant Teachers:

Melody – 王新梅




喜爱的探戈大师:Geraldine Rojas;Chicho y Juana;Carlitos y Noelia
喜爱的乐团:Osvaldo Pugliese;Juan D’Arienzo;Francisco Canaro

March 2013, I got to know tango through my friend’s recommendation, and very quickly became attracted by her unique charms. Sometimes passionate, sometimes reserved, she embraces all beautiful feelings. Tango has opened up a whole new world for me, with new friends, with new emotions. Dance with your heart and what you get is more than the dance itself. Now, tango more than a dance to me, but an important way of life.
I have more than 15 years of rhythmic gymnastic and folk dance background and was a city-level all-round champion. My strong foundation has helped advanced my tango journey.
Performing experience: 4th, 5th, 6th Shanghai International Tango Festival, 2013 and 2014 TangoBang year-end milonga. 2016 Seoul Tango Festival
Favourite masters: Geraldine Rojas; Chicho y Juana; Carlitos y Noelia
Favourite orchestras: Osvaldo Pugliese; Juan D’Arienzo; Francisco Canaro


Roberto – 王凌骏


遇到很多好的老师。其间也到过台湾· 韩国 ·柏林 ·福冈各地舞会 ,感到探戈不仅仅是一种舞蹈, 她也是一种

文化, 一种生活, 可以陪伴你到老。

参加过的表演:2015 上海探戈节团舞 ,2016 韩国探戈节团舞。

Since 2013 I first started to learn the tango, I like the magic of this dance. I have been in
shanghai Tangobang more than 3 years. I met many good teachers here. In the meantime
I danced in Taiwan, Korea, Berlin and Fukuoka Milonga. For me tango is not a dance, she is also
a kind of culture, a kind of life, she can accompany me to the old.
Participated in the show: 2015 Shanghai Tango Festival 2016 South Korean Tango Festival


Weiyi — 杨唯一



Wing — 蒋雯颖

初识tango是在12年 没有太过浪漫的的邂逅 只是和朋友一起上了一堂体验课便一不小心踏入了tango这个浪漫的“火坑”^_^从开始的小菜鸟慢慢成长,一路得到了很多老师和同学的帮助,在探戈帮认识了很多不同的人,也交到了一些好朋友,大家一起学习成长,就像是通关练级一样,渐渐地也从小菜鸟变成了老菜鸟。




Sissi — 郑茜






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